A Course to Help You Create a System For Getting Things Done

Have less meetings - Focus your team - Stop wasting time & money

When you don’t have a simple management and productivity system to organize your and your team’s work…

Too much time is spent on tasks that don’t move the business forward

You never have focused time to work on big projects

Employees are confused about who is supposed to be doing what

You spend most of your day stuck in unproductive meetings

Time and money is wasted

Your business doesn’t grow

In the course Management and Productivity Made Simple, you’ll learn how to implement a repeatable system to replace organized chaos with a routine set of five meetings. And when you do, your team will be aligned and focused on things that move your business forward.

Use the Management and Productivity Playbook with:

Full-time employees

Internal teams

Freelancers and contractors

New hires

How It Works

Watch the course

Learn the 5 meetings & get templates for each

Get more done & grow your business

Stop letting distraction rule your time.

Most small businesses fail to scale because they don’t have a system that allows them to get things done. Instead, they rely on to-do lists, impromptu meetings, and emails that get lost. Even if you’re a solopreneur, the constant meetings with contractors and vendors are even harder to control and organize.

In this course, you’ll learn how to implement a repeatable system to replace organized chaos with a routine set of meetings.

After installing the Management and Productivity Playbook, your team will be completely aligned and you’ll be free to focus on the big picture things that will grow your business.

Meet Your Guide

Donald Miller, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of Business Made Simple, ran his small business without a system for years. His business growth was slow, and he felt stuck on a wheel of chaos and unproductivity.


After many years of trial and error, he finally found a simple system that worked for him and his team. Now he’s sharing it with you so you can skip the chaos and go straight to success.

The quarterly meetings have been SUPER helpful for all team members. The weekly check ins are a snap. We just had our first leadership meeting to go along with our all hands and department meetings. I can’t even remember what I used to spend all my time doing.

Issac Parkinson, CEO of Skin Grip

Also Included With Your Subscription:

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Business on a Mission

Learn how to create 3 company priorities that unify and motivate your team.

Also Included:
  • Negotiation Made Simple – Deep Dive Course
  • Hero on a Mission – Deep Dive Course
  • Communication Made Simple – Deep Dive Course
  • How to Fix Your Mission Statement in 1 Hour – Event Replay
  • How to Clarify Your Personal Mission – Event Replay


StoryBrand Messaging Framework

Learn how to eliminate confusion from your messaging so customers finally listen and buy.


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  • Marketing Made Simple – Deep Dive Course
  • How to Create an Email Sequence That Converts Leads Into Customers – Event Replay
  • 5 Things Your Website Should Include to Increase Sales – Event Replay
  • How to Drive Sales Using Social Media – Event Replay
  • How to Revamp Your Tagline and Elevator Pitch – Event Replay


The Customer is the Hero

Learn to stop selling and invite customers into a story. The result? You close more sales.


Also Included:
  • Proposals Made Simple – Deep Dive Course
  • How to Create a SalesScript that Closes the Deal – Event Replay



Product Optimization Made Simple

Looking to increase revenue and profit? The money is hidden in your product offering. Optimize your products for more revenue.

Also Included:
  • How to Optimize Your Products to Increase Revenue and Profit – Event Replay
  • How to Create Profitable Products – Event Replay

Overhead & Operations

Management & Productivity Made Simple

Is everybody on your team wearing too many hats? Organize your workflow and stop chaos in its tracks.

Also Included:
  • Master a Simple System to Manage Any Team – Event Replay
  • Your Playbook for Hiring and Compensating Top Talent – Event Replay

Cash Flow


Small Business Cash Flow Made Simple

You know how to make money, but are you good at managing it so it works for you? Organize your small business finances by using five checking accounts.

Also Included:
  • How to Manage Your Small Business Finances- Event Replay

What do I get with the course?

  • 5 modules and 13 videos that teach you the Management and Productivity Playbook
  • Templates for the 5 meetings you need to run your small business
  • Assessments to measure your course progress
  • Access to ALL other Business Made Simple courses
  • Access to regular LIVE events

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