An Online Course to Help You
Become a Master Negotiator

Make negotiation easy • Have the confidence of a master • Ensure you win the deal

If you can't confidently manage a negotiation, it will cost you.

You'll pay a vendor twice what you should have paid

You'll get half the raise you actually deserve

You'll pay full price for that piece of property

You'll turn people off with your negotiating style

You'll lose out on the deal that would help crush your revenue goal

At the end of the year, you'll have less money in the bank

There's too much at stake for you to not become a master negotiator. This course makes it easy for you to become one.

Meet Your Guide

Dr. John Lowry of The Lowry Group has helped more than 75,000 businesses (like Nike, Toyota, AIG, and Nationwide) master the art of negotiation. Now, he’s teaching his legendary negotiation framework to you. In his new course, John will help you determine when negotiations are necessary and how to utilize them to achieve win-win outcomes in every aspect of life.

You Have Too Much at Stake
to Not Be a Master Negotiator

Get access to the course

Learn the simple negotiation framework

Strike winning deals with confidence

"The Negotiation course was exactly what I needed TODAY to deal with an account that is going south. It really gave me insight and the ability to move forward with a difficult client. And paid for itself in the first day."

- Trina
Business Made Simple University member

We all negotiate every single day. Recognizing when you're in a negotiation is key to your success.

Sometimes it’s obvious when we’re negotiating — buying a new car or trying to get a great deal on a piece of antique furniture. In those instances, we know we have to negotiate to get the best price. What we don’t realize is that those same skills that get a great deal on a car are what can help you create more win-win outcomes in business. 

Keep Reading

Negotiation Made Simple teaches you the practical skills you need to enter into any negotiation with confidence. This course will teach you a negotiation roadmap that includes:

  • How to manage yourself in a negotiation
  • The two main types of negotiation and when to use each  
  • Selecting a strategic approach to your negotiation that will get you the desired outcome 
  • Spotting tactics and when to use them yourself 
  • Satisfying both parties to produce a win-win outcome

No more doubting yourself or your ability to get a deal done. Regardless of whether you think you’re a negotiator — this course will give you the confidence you need to walk into any deal and generate a win-win outcome.

What do I get with the course?

  • 14 paradigm-shifting videos
  • A negotiation framework that boosts your confidence
  • Real-world examples of how a negotiation works and what you can do to win
  • A downloadable workbook to help you comprehend the topics
  • Assessments to measure your progress

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