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Create a 7-Part Proposal - Increase your conversion rate - Win more deals

You Need to Rewrite Your Proposal If...

You’re losing out on too many deals

Customers don’t understand your value

Your sales pitch is falling flat

Prospects go silent after the sales call

Your sales cycle is too long

You’re losing to a competitor with an inferior product

If this sounds like you, it’s time to create a new proposal that will help you win. After this course, you'll have a completed proposal that will increase your close rate, shorten your sales cycle, and help you become the brand people remember.

Your Plan to Create a Proposal That Works

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Create a 7-Part Proposal for Your Business

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Meet Your Guide

Koula Callahan is the Director of Content for StoryBrand and Business Made Simple. Over the past five years, she’s helped some of the world’s top brands create clear messages and strategies that move their companies forward. Now, she’s ready to teach you how to create a great proposal that grows revenue for your business.

Stop Making It Hard for People to Spend Money With You

Too many business leaders lose deals because their proposal is boring and complex. Or they’re just not writing proposals at all. Proposals Made Simple helps you create a 7-part proposal that will help your brand stand out and win you more deals. You work hard and have a great product — you shouldn’t lose the deal because your proposal is turning clients away.  If you ARE losing deals because of your proposal, there’s great news for you: it’s a really easy fix. All you have to do is obey a few rules that will ensure your proposal WINS you the deal. 

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This course will work for you if you are a graphic designer, if you own a contracting company, if run a corporate cleaning company, if you have an architect business, a consulting firm or a plumbing company. If you aren’t sending proposals for your business, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. With a complete proposal that follows the framework in this course, you’ll win more business and grow your revenue. Plus, you’ll close more deals in a shorter amount of time, freeing up more of your hours to do what you love: run your business. Get the course today and start winning more deals. 

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  • 14 paradigm shifting videos - no fluff!
  • A downloadable workbook to apply what you learn
  • Assessments to measure your progress
  • A scoreboard that makes learning fun

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