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You Should Kill Your Mission Statement If...

Your team doesn’t know why their work matters

Your people are all moving in different directions

You don’t know how to create guiding principles

You don’t know how to tell your company’s unique story

You don’t know what everyone should be doing every day to make money

Your people are no longer engaged in their work

Quit waking up in a fog. Create a mission statement that works.

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Create an Inspiring Mission for Your Business

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Donald Miller, CEO Few people know how to help businesses tell a compelling story like Donald Miller. As a New York Times bestselling author and CEO of StoryBrand, Don has helped over 10,000 businesses clarify their message. In this course, he’ll help you write the 5 guiding principles that will guide your life and work. Don has worked with industry leading companies like Chick-fil-A, charity: water, Ramsey Solutions, Pantene and TOMS. Now, he’s ready to teach you.

Is Your Mission Statement Actually Giving People a Mission?

Without a clear and compelling mission statement, your mission is doomed.  Most people and organizations fill their mission statements with so much jargon and inside language, even the people that wrote them can’t remember them a few days later. Without a clear and compelling mission statement, you will not compel people to go on a mission at all.

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Donald Miller uses the ancient structure of story to help individuals, teams and large organizations craft mission statements and guiding principles that work. With the five simple statements he teaches people to write, people find their direction in life, passions come alive and goals get met. The five statements Donald Miller teaches you to write help you:

  • Describe the story: If you can’t communicate the story you’re inviting people into, nobody will follow you.
  • Define the characters: Unless you know what sort of characteristics you need to accomplish the mission, you and your people won’t know who they need to become.
  • Determine the actions: When you determine three actions you and your team need to take daily, you will finally start making progress.

Kill your current mission statement and replace it with guiding principles that work. Two-thousand years of best-practices in storytelling can’t go wrong. Nobody wants to wake up in a fog. Learn to write the five statements that will guide your life and work.

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