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You lose time every week to workplace drama

You don’t have a plan to reach your potential as a leader

Your team misses goals due to personality conflicts

You don’t know how to help your team use their strengths

You have no idea what your team members REALLY think

You wish you could find a job that’s a perfect fit for you

Then this course is for you!

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Ian Morgan Cron, bestselling author

A lot of people call themselves Enneagram “experts.” Ian Morgan Cron is the real deal. As the author of the bestselling Enneagram book The Road Back to You, he’s taught some of the world’s most successful leaders how the Enneagram can shape their company’s success. Now he’s ready to teach you.

What’s the Enneagram, and How Can It Help My Company Grow?

If you want a healthy, thriving company, then you need a healthy, thriving workplace.

But of course, the workplace isn’t always a healthy place. Around every cubicle, you’ve got egos. Hidden motivations. Personality conflicts. Unclear communication. 

And if you’re not aware of all that stuff, it will cost you time and money. It will keep you from hitting your professional goals.

Fortunately, building a healthy team and workplace is a lot easier when you understand the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system that identifies nine types of people and how they relate to one another and the world.

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It’s a powerful tool to help you become more aware of yourself and those around you. And that self-awareness is key to advancing your career, whether you lead a team now or aspire to someday. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course, taught by bestselling author and speaker Ian Morgan Cron:


  • Part 1: Why Self-Awareness is Critical to Your Career
    If you want to grow your business and advance your career, you’ve got to understand yourself and those around you. That’s the power of the Enneagram. What motivates you? What situations do you thrive in? What stresses you out, and why? If you don’t have that self-awareness, those blinds spots will hold you back at work.
  • Part 2: Discover How Each Enneagram Type Thrives at Work
    What makes Javier shut down during a critique? Why is Lisa always trying to take over meetings? How can I help David make decisions faster? Discover each Enneagram type and their key strengths, leadership strategies, and ideal roles. When everybody on your team understands each other, the drama disappears from your workplace as people become aware of what they do well and why
  • Part 3: Put It All Together to Grow Your Company
    If people are in the wrong positions, they’ll never be able to grow the company or advance their career. Discover how to apply the Enneagram at work so you can maximize your team’s potential.

With the Enneagram, you’ll see the best way to interact with all the different personalities around you. Stop losing time and money to workplace drama. Don’t let your own blind spots cost you that next promotion. Take this course, and get the secret weapon every business leader needs to succeed.

What do I get with the course?

  • 14 paradigm shifting videos - no fluff!
  • A downloadable workbook to apply what you learn
  • Assessments to measure your progress
  • A scoreboard that makes learning fun

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