Take the Mystery Out of Growing a Business

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Take the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Business

Don’t guess your way through leading a business. You’ll waste precious time, energy, and money.

This course will show you — step-by-step — exactly how to grow a business. After watching the course, you’ll know how to manage the six key parts of your business so that it flies far and fast. When you understand the six parts and how they should all work together, you can finally feel confident that your business will grow.

Take the Mystery Out
of Growing Your Business

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Business Made Simple is $275/year

This is SO needed. Starting a business is a hot trend, and it is astonishing how people spend gobs of money and time and not really know what they are doing. THANK YOU for this course.

- Julie S
Business Made Simple is $275/year

Growing your business shouldn’t be a mystery.

You deserve to know how each of the six key areas of your business work together — and it shouldn’t be complicated. But there’s a problem — business education is complex. It’s hard to execute. And it’s anything but practical. That’s where we come in. 

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The Business Made Simple Operating System is kept simple for a reason. Some business operating systems take more work to install than the business does to run. This costs time, money, and loads of frustration. That’s not the goal with this operating system. 

We keep it simple, because running your business shouldn’t be a mystery and learning how to do it shouldn’t be a burden. The concepts are straightforward: there are six components of a business that all need to work well and work together. The components of a successful business are the same as the components of an airplane:

  1. Leadership: The Cockpit
  2. Marketing: The Right Engine
  3. Sales: The Left Engine
  4. Products: The Wings
  5. Overhead: The Body
  6. Cash Flow: The Fuel Tanks

Airplanes can get more complex as they get bigger. But as big as an airplane gets, the basic parts of the airplane are the same. It’s true for your business, too. 

This course will teach you a very simple system that will ensure each key area of your business works properly, and what you need to do to fix any issue in your business. 

People can make business a great deal more confusing than it has to be. This course will take the guesswork out of running your business and you will know how to grow a business that generates significant revenue and profit.

Meet Your Guide

For years, Donald Miller felt like growing a business was a mystery. After he mastered the six parts of growing a business, he created the simple framework in this course so everybody could understand how a business works. Don believes that growing a business shouldn’t be a guessing game, so he created the simple metaphor of an airplane to help business owners everywhere understand how to grow a business.


When you get access to How to Grow a Business, you’ll understand how your business works like an airplane, and exactly what to do to ensure each part is working properly. After you take this course, you’ll feel prepared to face any business challenge with confidence and maintain healthy, sustainable growth for your company.

What do I get with the course?

  • 31 video lessons that give you complete clarity on how to grow a business
  • Simple checklists for each key area of business
  • Downloadable workbook to help you master the topics
  • Assessments to measure your progress
  • Access to ALL other Business Made Simple courses
  • Access to LIVE monthly coaching events with Donald Miller
Business Made Simple is $275/year

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