Transform Your Team Into Value-Driven Professionals

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Transform Your Team Into Value-Driven Professionals 

When you buy 20 or more copies of Business Made Simple, you’ll get immediate access to a keynote from Donald Miller you can show your team.

What if every person on your team thought about growing your business for 60 straight days?

Your team would finally understand how a business really works and how to increase the value of your business. The daily entries and accompanying videos in Business Made Simple will get your people thinking about growing your business every morning for 60 straight days. Developing your people can cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Plus, you almost always get a lousy return on your investment.

This book will turn every person on your team into a value-driven professional who knows how to grow a business for only $20 per book. It’s the best investment you can make in your business and in your people. And for a limited time, you’ll get a keynote from Donald Miller you can show your entire team when you order 20 or more copies of Business Made Simple. In the keynote, Don outlines exactly how each person can grow their career by becoming a value-driven professional.

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