The Small Business Flight Plan

The Step-by-Step Playbook for Growing Your Small Business

Most small business leaders don’t have
a step-by-step playbook to grow their business.

Create your flight plan if you are dealing with any of these issues:

You and your team are all wearing too many hats

You aren’t sure how to increase your overall profit margins

Your marketing feels convoluted and confusing

Your team is not aligned—everybody is just “diving for dollars”

You hate to sell but know you need to sell

You don’t have an easy, simple system to manage cash flow

Growing your business doesn't have to be a struggle. Download your flight plan today.

Implement the Small Business Flight Plan in three easy steps:

1. Complete the Flight Plan

Fill out each of the 6 steps for your business

2. Implement the Flight Plan

Give a copy to every person on your team

3. Grow Your Business

Run and grow your business using the flight plan as your roadmap

If you need a plan to professionalize your small business, you’ve found it.

What are the six steps to optimize your small business for revenue and profit?

  • Align your team around three economic priorities
  • Clarify your marketing message
  • Stop selling and make the customer the hero
  • Optimize your product offering
  • Run your entire business using only five meetings
  • Take control of your small business cash flow with five checking accounts