Sell Your Small Business

through a deal you love, to people you trust

You’re dreaming about selling your small business but don’t know where to start.

Believe it or not, selling your business is actually possible. But how?


Donald Miller, CEO of Business Made Simple, has always wanted to partner with a private equity firm to help small business owners sell their businesses. When he met Michael Arrieta from Garden City Equity, he met the perfect partner. Garden City acquires small businesses and grows them and has NO intention of ever selling them. Through a small community of only 50 investors, they prioritize organizational health, technology enablement, and marketing for every business they buy. Their ambition is to own profitable companies while creating great places for people to work.

Garden City’s curated shareholder family includes world class leaders such as Drew Brees, Tim Tebow, Dan Cathy, Pat Gelsinger, Jeb Bush, and 44 more high-impact leaders.

Our partnership is built on helping small business owners exit their company the right way. We know small business owners want a fair price, the ability to truly close a deal, and a straightforward acquisition process. 

The question is, would your business be the right fit to sell to us? Before we help you find out what your small business is worth, here are some characteristics of the kinds of businesses we like to buy:

  • Annual revenue minimum of $10mm
  • Annual net income/EBITDA of $2mm
  • Five plus years of operating history
  • Healthy management team
  • Owners willing to sell a majority stake

If your business fits these characteristics, take the first step by finding out, from our perspective, what your business is worth.

Garden City specializes in service companies.

Our family of companies consist of a variety of industries such as:

  • IT Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Building Maintenance Services
  • Construction Services
We also help find buyers for other industries such as: Manufacturing • Consumer Product Goods • Real Estate • Franchises

Selling Your Business in Three Steps


Tell us about your business


We tell you what we think it’s worth


If it’s a fit, we make you an offer

Is Selling to Garden City
the Right Move For You?

Do Nothing
Remaining independent misses out on all the benefits of a strategic and financial partnership.

  • Protect Team
  • Protect Culture
  • No Liquidity
  • Stuck in the Operations
  • Carry Home Stress
  • Maintain Risk

Private Equity
Not all investors or buyers for your business are created equal. To many, it’s just a transaction.

2,500 value

  • Provides Liquidity
  • ”Second Bite” at the Apple
  • Rip & Replace Team & Culture
  • Locked in Earnout Structure
  • Sells Your Company in 3-5 Years
  • Terms Could Make Equity Worthless
  • Focused on Value Protection


Garden City
We work with founders to protect the culture and legacy of their organization while providing peace of mind.

23,500 value

Only 50 Available

  • Protects Your Team
  • Protects Your Culture
  • Provides Liquidity
  • ”Second Bite” at the Apple
  • Flexible Deal Structure
  • Forever Home for Your Business
  • Become a Chairman & Advisor
  • Focused on Value Creation

It only took 58 days from our initial conversation with Garden City for them to acquire our business. Grateful that they were fair, straightforward, and simple from the start.

Jason Morrow
Founder of Connext

Couldn’t have asked for a better financial partner. They were fair, fast, and didn’t change anything about our culture.

Scott Olson
CEO of Pathway Healthcare

I sold to Garden City, as my top priority was to find a values-aligned buyer who would take care of our people and continue stewarding the business for decades to come.

Gary Duncan
Founder of Duncan and Sons

I continue to be blown away by the values that Garden City’s large collective of investors brings to our team on a weekly basis - including introductions, resources, and guidance.

Brendan Tolleson
CEO of

Find Out What Your Business is Worth