A One-Year, Private Mastermind Led by Donald Miller
That Will Help You Grow Your Business

When you join Donald Miller's exclusive mastermind you get

  • 2 Exclusive Community Retreats per Year
  • Quarterly Zoom Strategy Sessions with Donald Miller
  • Exclusive Access to Donald Miller to Discuss Marketing, Sales, and Product strategies
  • 1 Optional Adventure Retreat

Why Should You Join Leadership Advantage?

For years I’ve been meeting privately with business owners, executives at corporations, and even elected officials to help them get their heads around the opportunities that lie before them. In these meetings we assess the client’s opportunity, put together a product offering, come up with a winning message, and then create a step-by-step plan to launch the campaign. In these sessions I’ve helped leaders make millions, get elected, pass legislation, launch non-profit efforts, merge companies, and launch new products and brands. The process works. Why? Because people tend to buy products, vote for candidates, and agree with ideas when they are made incredibly simple.

I’ve always hoped that the people I meet with could meet each other. Folks who are changing the world get inspired and energized when they’re in the room together. Leadership Advantage will bring these leaders together so we can build community and feed off of each other’s successes. Whether you are launching a new brand, running for the Senate, merging two companies, or expanding your personal platform to diversify your revenue streams, you will get more done in the year you spend in the Leadership Advantage mastermind.

Leadership Advantage is the only business mastermind Donald Miller meets with regularly.

Here's Why You Should Join the Exclusive
Leadership Advantage Community

Here Are Some of the Problems the Leadership Advantage Mastermind Will Help You Solve:

You’ve got a great platform but you’re not taking full advantage of your opportunity

You have a terrific product that is doing well but you know you can sell more

You need to help a lot of people understand a complicated idea

You have loyal customers but aren’t sure what to offer them next

You have several passion projects but are having trouble coming up with a controlling idea that the public could get their minds around

Your business is growing but you feel as though you are managing organized chaos

"During your year with Leadership Advantage, we will help you understand what it is you’re trying to make happen, how you should talk about it, and how you can best leverage your success for even greater success.
Leadership Advantage is for those who already have the resources they need to make something special happen but are still figuring out how to package and sell their ideas. If this feels like you, apply today and we hope to see you soon."
-Donald Miller

What Dates Do I Need
to Lock Down?

Spring Meet Up
May 4th & 5th 2023

Fall Meet Up
November 2nd -3rd 2023

Optional Adventure in the Woods
with the Wilderness Collective