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Growing a Business Should Not Be a Mystery

Without the practical skills you need to grow a business and advance your career, it’s going to cost you…

Your business won’t grow

You won’t get that promotion

Your team will lose trust in you

You’ll keep feeling like a “business imposter”

You’ll wonder if you’re reaching your potential

You’ll keep guessing at which path leads to business success

You don’t have to fake it till you make it. Join Business Made Simple and get everything you need to become a competent professional who doesn’t just sound like they understand business -- you’ll actually know how a business works and how to grow it.

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Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses will take the mystery out of growing your business.

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Exclusive for our members, Donald Miller holds a livestream to coach you on a crucial business skill and answer your questions.

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We don’t just give you the content and leave you to it. You’ll get course workbooks and assessments to test your knowledge.

Each Course Takes the Mystery Out of Growing a Business
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StoryBrand Messaging Framework

You don’t know how to explain what you do in a way that draws people in. Learn how to eliminate confusion from your messaging so customers finally listen and buy.


Marketing Made Simple

You’re wasting an enormous amount of money on marketing that doesn’t work. Learn how to create a 5-part sales funnel that generates more revenue for your business.


Hero On A Mission

Too many people leave their life up to fate and don’t have clear direction on where their life is going. Hero On A Mission will help you create a life plan and use a daily planner that will keep you focused and ultimately, ensure you experience a deep sense of meaning in life.


Mission Statement Made Simple

Your employees are disengaged because they don’t have a clear vision. Learn how to craft an inspiring amission statement that gets your team excited for work in the morning.


Communication Made Simple

Most communication campaigns are ignored because they don’t follow a specific formula. This course teaches you how to clarify your communication so your audience engages with and responds to your message. When you follow the framework then execute, you’ll have what you need to make any communication campaign a success.


Proposals Made Simple

You’re losing out on revenue because your proposal doesn’t show the value you deliver. This course helps you create a 7-part proposal that will increase your conversion rate and win more deals for your business.


Negotiation Made Simple

We’re negotiating all the time whether we realize it or not. Without a negotiation framework to follow, we put a lot at risk.  In this course, you’ll learn to manage any negotiation so you produce more win-win outcomes in work and in life.

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I used to struggle with balancing growing a business with raising a young family. Then I took the Hero on a Mission course with Business Made Simple. I became the disciplined, productive person that I always wanted to be. My business revenue grew by 50% in 6 months, I lost 15 lbs., and I’m having fun spending more time with my wife raising a toddler. I had a mission and deep sense of purpose in my life, but I didn’t have a plan, and now, I do. Thank you.

Matt Buller

I'm only halfway through the Marketing Made Simple course, and already seeing results from subtle tweaks we've made in all our marketing efforts. Just by changing the way we talk on Instagram, we’ve tripled our quality leads from that platform in less than two months!

Gina Fiorito

I've spent thousands on [other] business courses and I don't think I've fully completed any of them. There's way too much information. I'm excited to finish each BMSU module because you've made learning simple. Thank you for serving so much value for such a sweet price.

Michelle Griffin

How can you experience healthy growth and greater revenue?

The market is flooded with self-help online courses, bloated training platforms and personality-driven hype. Some of the same platforms that will teach you to manage your money will also teach you to play the banjo.

But what do you and your people actually need to learn to create a stronger business? Business Made Simple is all about helping you master the key areas of business. If you and your team understand the basics of leadership, sales, marketing, product creation, overhead, and cash flow, your business will thrive.

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The on-demand courses in the Business Made Simple platform will give you the fundamentals of uniting a team, telling customers about your products, winning more deals for your business, and creating a healthy culture. We’ll regularly release new courses to equip you for every aspect of your business. Soon, you’ll have a plan to communicate more effectively with your team, be more productive, negotiate better deals, and much more. The whole system is designed to make learning fun and engaging. Don’t settle for information overload and overpriced trainings that don’t move the needle for your business. Get access to Business Made Simple and watch your business grow.

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