Discover How to Live Your Life With a Deep Sense of Meaning

Stop Leaving Your Life Up to Fate

Fate is a terrible writer. When you trust fate with writing your story, you lose control over your life and lose interest in your own story.

Hero on a Mission helps you create a life plan that lets you live every day with a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

After going through Hero on a Mission, I became the disciplined, productive person that I always wanted to be. My business revenue grew by 50% in 6 months, I lost 15 lbs., and I’m having fun spending more time with my wife raising a toddler. I had a mission and deep sense of purpose in my life, but I didn’t have a plan, and now, I do. Thank you.

Matt B.

Meet the Author

A renowned storyteller and New York Times bestselling author, Donald Miller has helped millions of people find meaning in their lives by showing them how to live a better story.

Don knows as well as anyone that a meaningful life doesn’t happen by accident. After struggling for years to build meaningful relationships and spending most of his time with a victim mindset, Don finally decided to stop letting fate write his story.

In his newest book, Don will show you how to create the same Life Plan he used every day as he built a successful business, married the love of his life, became a father, and figured out how to live every day like a hero on a mission.

If you’ve lost interest in your own story and and are ready to live a more meaningful life, order your copy of Hero on a Mission today.