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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Business Coach

This Webinar is for Business Coaches Who Want To...

Scale up their business

Turn their coaching side hustle into a six-figure income

Get more qualified leads

Stand out from other business coaches

Learn from top coaches in the industry

This webinar was so worth my time! Thank you for sharing your paradigm-shifting insights. It was so good, I shared key takeaways with my clients immediately after.

The webinar was so good. Left me feeling very motivated.

I’d give this webinar a solid 5 STARS! Well worth attending!

After this webinar

You’ll go from…

Burnt out as a coach, anxious about finding new leads, constantly lowering bids to land clients, guessing at how to build a coaching business


Energized as a coach, confident in your plan to get new clients, understanding your value and how to price your services, confident in your plan to scale your coaching business

Meet Your Instructor

Donald Miller is the New York Times bestselling author of some of the most popular business books in the world (Building a StoryBrand, Business Made Simple, and Marketing Made Simple just to name a few).


As the CEO of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, and he has also helped some of the top brands in the world connect with more customers. His Business Made Simple platform offers on-demand courses and live monthly coaching events to help more than 20,000 subscribers grow their small businesses.


Don realized that entrepreneurs don’t need more podcasts and empty resources that don’t deliver value for their business. They need a step-by-step plan and a great coach.


That’s why he launched the Business Made Simple Coaching Certification. In less than a year, hundreds of business coaches have gotten certified and are getting more clients, growing their revenue, and connecting with a community of the world’s best business coaches.


In this webinar, Don will teach you the proven recipe that Business Made Simple Coaches use to stand out and grow their business.

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