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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Business Coach

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Business Made Simple Coaches Are the Best in the World Because:
1. The Process is Proven
Our coaches guide their clients through practical content that has grown thousands of companies
2. The Curriculum is Simple
The Business Made Simple frameworks you will use make running and scaling a business feel fun and easy
3. Their Badge is Trusted
When people see Business Made Simple, they know the process will work

Hundreds of Coaches are Using the Business Made Simple Certification to…

Scale their coaching business

“The Business Made Simple Coaching Certification has been a catalyst that has catapulted my business to the next level.” 

Turn their side hustle into a six-figure income

“Being connected to Business Made Simple has provided a lot of insight and guidance into building my own business – from ideas on marketing and selling my service, building confidence in what I’m doing, to opportunities to connect with qualified leads.” 


Get more clients

“Had a 30 minute session last week and landed the contract today. One more coming up next week. Hoping to go 2 for 2! Super nice to get some leads from Business Made Simple and much appreciated!”

Stand out from other coaches

“In the first month of the program, I saw revenue increase by six thousand. Fast forward to month 3 and I have an influx of new clients and on track to double the business within this year. The Business Made Simple courses and community have boosted my confidence and authority as a coach.”

Learn from top coaches in the industry

“The certified coach community has been so supportive and I have met several other amazing coaches. And most importantly I’m finally starting to see my business take off.”